Traditional Karate Intro Class

Important Questions to Answer About This Lesson

  1. Keep shoulders back and upright for form. Why?
  2. Keep hands on hip. Why?
  3. Leave block out. Why?
  4. Aim to punch. Why?
  5. Leave punch out. Why?
  6. Keep chin up. Why?
  7. Cross your arms before you block. Why?
  8. Step forward and block. Why?
  9. The deeper the stance the better. Why?
  10. Block with power. Why?
There is a massive disconnect between what students enroll into a martial arts school for and what they get.

Students enroll because they want to improve their fitness, confidence, and ability to defend themselves.

Students DO NOT enroll to learn KATA. Most have never heard of kata prior to enrolling. Why do you still teach it?

Here are two videos. In one, I’m teaching what I taught for two decades as part of a students’ first lesson. Front stance, downward block, lunge-punch. 

Video one takes 7-minutes to teach front stance, downward block, lunge-punch. 

Video two takes 6-minutes to teach fighting stance, downward block, cross, hook, and uppercut.

The differences could not be more clear. 

As you look at each one these points ask yourself, “Why?”

Empower Kickboxing Intro Class

Important Questions to Answer About This Lesson

  1. Turn to the side to protect your center-line. Why?
  2. Keep shoulders up to protect your face. Why?
  3. Keep hands in guard by your face. Why?
  4. Snap block back. Why?
  5. Do not telegraph your punch. Why?
  6. Snap punches back to guard. Why?
  7. Keep chin down to protect it. Why?
  8. Be efficient in blocking. Why?
  9. Keep your legs under you for mobility. Why?
  10. Block with as little effort as needed. Why?