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Your Zones of Influence

The New First Impression The first impression you give to a prospect most likely will be your website. We know that over 70% of people search locally online and half of those searches are on Smartphone’s. If your regular site and your mobile site do not look good,...

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You Are Unique in Your Area

It's a common affliction among martial arts school owners to complain that the biggest school in town is a belt factory McDojo and that the reason someone else is better known is because of his or her tournament record or that they teach a style that is more popular....

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What is Your Professional Brand?

A classic branding story involves a letter being mailed and successfully delivered to the Playboy mansion in Chicago in the early 1960s. The envelope had no address on it; the only thing on the envelope was the iconic Playboy bunny logo. That is branding. Hugh Hefner...

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Congruency in Values

A personal brand works best when it is an authentic, congruent, and consistent representation of you. In this context, congruency means that your actions reflect your values. If you value honesty but are prone to gossip, exaggeration, or lying to protect yourself,...

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