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The Recipe Book for Your School

I had lunch recently with a fourth dan in Uechi Ryu. We talked about how the Eastern mind-set is so different from the Western, and the confusion that creates for many instructors. Culturally, the East is more about conformity, or as I call it, cloning, than the West,...

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Quality vs. Quantity

There are two consequences to having too many “shoulds” in your curriculum. 1. Each requirement will have to be covered in class to prepare students for their exams. 2. With so many requirements, students will have less time to work on each, so quality will be...

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A Tale of Two Curriculums

When I opened my school, I presented the exact curriculum that I was raised on.  Among the many problems that created for me was that I had a lot more kids in my school than my instructors did. Martial arts forms, hyungs, or kata were designed by highly disciplined...

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