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What is Empower Kickboxing?

Term OneClick the Button to See Class StructureYou're welcome to modify this as you wish. Minutes 1-10: Open / Self Defense (Short tips and quick escapes for modules 1-3. This segment may be different for kids than adults. 11 - 21 Warm-Up 12 minutes 30-seconds each...

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Empower Kickboxing Overview

Easy to Teach with Fewer Classes. Easy to Learn. A Simple ComparisonHigh Block in Forward Walking StanceHook Punch in Guarding StanceTO INSTRUCTORS 1. Which skill do you want to teach? Front stance high block or fighting stance hook? 2. What skills do you want to...

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2015 Instructor of the Year

Glen Gross tells his story In 2012 I had been teaching traditional Taekwon-Do (TKD) for 21 years. My training for my 6th degree test had just come to a stop as accumulated injuries, from years of patterns and sparring, had taken their toll. My son Jeffrey was turning...

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