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What It Costs to Get a New Student

Take a moment to write down all of the expense, effort, and energy that goes into attracting and enrolling new students. Here’s a short list of the resources necessary to turn a stranger into a student: 1 Time to create marketing plans 2 Capital to purchase ads, print...

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Collaborative Selling

Rather than a tug-of-war, collaborative selling is more like two of you on the same side of a huge rock, pushing it towards enrollment. If one stops pushing, the process is suspended until you both are at it again. This takes longer than a 15-minute sales pitch....

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The Conversion Ratio-How’s Your ROI?

Let’s look at this process in real numbers. You will see how easily a school can lose money or just simply break even by the time they enroll a new student. In this example, you’ve invested $1,000 for some type of marketing, but how you spent the $1,000 is not the...

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