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Your Martial Arts Ensemble

I have written several articles about Finding Your Own Voice as a martial arts professional.  I’d like this article to focus on some typical martial artist characters. When you meet these guys you’ll know they have not yet found their own voice. The Tough Guy Once I...

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You Begin Teaching

If you are a martial arts instructor today, odds are that you began teaching classes for your instructor shortly before or after you earned your black belt. You became a good teacher, but you were still under the control of your instructor, and you loyally taught and...

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Where I Lost My Way

Know who you are, and why you are doing this. When I became a billing client of EFC, I attended one of their seminars in Atlanta. I was doing pretty good, but nothing like some of the EFC stars of the day. Still, it seemed the guys in Atlanta knew my name as a...

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The Rainbow of Rank

As a kid, you can’t choose your school, your parents, your city, your neighborhood, or much of anything else about your environment. You have no control and, when the situation is negative and intimidating, that debilitating feeling can stick with you for life....

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The Golden Child of Martial Arts

In time, like me, many of you became the “golden child” of your martial arts school. You trained harder than anyone, and you were the best or one of the best students in the school. By the time I was a first-degree brown belt, I rarely lost a sparring match against...

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The Genesis of the Core Dynamics

I was lucky that my instructors never abused my loyalty. Every instructor I worked with – Hank Farrah, Walt Bone, and Joe Lewis – took me under his wing and made me a protégé. But, as the head of the world’s largest martial arts professional association (NAPMA), I’ve...

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The Masters on Change

Here are some quotations regarding styles from three of the most influential martial artists in history: “The art does not make the man. The man makes the art.” – Gichin Funakoshi “You limit a style by labeling it.” – Bruce Lee “The style serves the student. The...

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Managing Conflicting Goals

When you finally open your own martial arts school, the control factor continues to be an influence. It is important to make follow-up calls to people who have inquired about your school but never joined.  In order to make these important calls, you need to get...

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