Season 1, Episode 5

Interview with Brian Tracy pt. 2

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In this episode Brian Tracy explains why curriculum is critical to the sales process and the danger of holding onto old methods and old ways that don’t get you results.

Show 5–Guest: Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is one of the world’s leading motivational speakers and sales coach, he is also a martial artist and a contributing author to the MATA Instructor Certification program at


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  • Why curriculum is critical to the sales process

  • Holding on to old methods and old ways that don’t get you results

  • You become convinced that these are the only ways there are because they are the only ways you know..

  • Martial arts rule-Anything Worth Learning Is Worth Doing Poorly at First.

  • The key to successful teaching is that the students must like the instructor 

  • The key to running a successful school is referral by happy students


Teach Like a Pro Tip from John Graden

These lessons are straight from the MATA Certification Course at

This week…

How to Correct Skills in the Classroom


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