MATA has been interviewing school owners to find out what is working to promote a virtual classroom. Here are three strategies that are working now.

1. Help parents with their children.

2. Create social proof by replacing your Facebook cover with a zoom video.

3. Two marketing your virtual school facebook strategies.

1.  Create social proof with a FB cover with a Zoom video

Show the world that your students are still active and training with you. This is powerful social proof.

See a Zoom FB Cover Video 


2.  Two Facebook ad strategies that are working. 

Facebook traffic is at an all-time high. 

There are a couple of strategies using Facebook ads that are getting excellent results.

Facebook Strategy One–FREE OFFER

This first is from long-time MATA member Duane Brumitt of Tri-Star Martial Arts Academy.

The lead offer is:

 2 FREE Weeks of Live Interactive Martial Arts Classes for Kids.

The link leads to a nice landing page that captures the lead’s information.

On Monday, April 20th Duane described his results.

“This month I currently have 69 leads over the past 20 days. Out of those 69 I personally talked to 27 of them and they are on a one-month trial. I have 16 appointments scheduled this week to talk to so far. If they all show up by the end of the week I’ll have 43 people actually doing virtual trials. Getting them to show up for their intro has been the most difficult part.”

Watch the Video

Facebook Strategy Two–PAID UPSELL

This strategy offers a free week for the student but then attempts to upsell the parent on purchasing a 30-day training package that includes the uniform.

The up-sell is that the uniform helps the child to take the training more seriously and makes him or her “feel like a karate student.”