19. Mark Moore–Show Notes (Click to see)

:30 Why Mark started martial arts

4:00 Why Mark left martial arts

5:25 What motivated him to return to the arts

5:50 How he organized his curriculum and rank process

8:00 School stats prior to COVID

8:15 Why curriculum has to be easy to learn post COVID

9:00 How he teaches only two classes a night with 50 kids in each.

10:00 How you can consistently engage a veteran black belt in the same class as a gold belt?

10:30 Traditional martial arts adds complexity

11:30 what has been limiting the martial arts in the USA for over 50 years

12:00 how advice from Leadership Expert John Maxwell helped Mark grow his school

12:45 Defining the Student Centric School vs Style Centric

13:50 Why schools would benefit from being future focused rather than focused on out-date training methods

14:20 What Mark advises school owners to do to recover from COVID-19 

15:00 How he grew his school to 450 students without a sales system or paid marketing

15:35 How he gives back to the community and leverages that for growth

17:50 How he kept his school growing during COVID-19

19:00 The single strategy that fuels his success

19:10 Why Mark changed the school name early in the pandemic

20:30 Operation Retention

20:50 How the John Maxwell program helped Mark as a leader

23:30 How he gives 45-minute school speeches for $1,000 each

25:00 Time Management process

27:40 Advice for those planning a school or trying to save their school post COVID-19

29:30 Self Defense for Employees

30:00 the Importance of a service first mindset

30:43 Why it’s hard to go back to traditional martial arts post COVID

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