How to Control the Conversation

When a potential students asks you about your school, it’s important to understand some basic communication tactics that will help you to gain and maintain control of the conversation.

When you’re asked a question, it’s important that how you carefully move the conversation in the direction of enrolling while also answering and respecting their questions.

The key is to “answer a question with a question.” If you just answer the question, “What style do you teach?” the conversation could be over with the last word out of your mouth.

Instead, ask them a question about their question.

That is called a “Comeback Question” and it is the key skill to controlling and directing any consersations.

Comeback Questions

“How did you hear about us?”

Huge question. 

1. You have to know what marketing efforts are generating leads.

2. How they hear about you will tell you a lot about the quality of the lead. If they come in from a discounted Groupon, they may just be bargain hunters and tough to close. However, if their friend referred him or her to the school, that is far more qualified prospect.


“Is this for yourself or someone else?”

This is important because you may assume it’s for the adult calling and start to point out benefits and features for adults when the caller is actually calling to get info on enrolling their child.

“What is it about Empower Boxing that you are interested in?”

Their answer to this question starts to pave the road for you. They are essentially telling you how to sell them.

“Are you currently involved in a fitness program?”

The answer to this tells you a few things. 

If they belong to a gym, that means they are paying for fitness. You can use this to your advantage later in the close by pointing out that “A lot of our students have told us that they like the idea that they can get everything here. You can combine all of your memberships into one at Empower Boxing because you’ll get  great cardio, resistance training, stretching, and core strengthening every class.

“And how do you like that?”

Tells me what he or she likes.

“What do you not like about it?”

Important question that will tell you what they so not like

Our next trial class is tonight at 7 or tomorrow night at 6? Which works best for your schedule?”

Do you work during the day? Would tonight at 7 be good?”

Do you know where we’re located?

Have you ever done martial arts before?”

What’s Your Name?

What’s your name is a “test close.” If they give it to you it is a buying signal. If they press further on price, just go ahead and tell them the price. In some cases, price is really an issue, so they have to know.