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Transported Martial Arts After-School Program

"We are proud to offer a great alternative to daycare or after-school care. Our program is an authentic martial arts program that has trained students all the way to black belt. The self-discipline and respect these children develop is our inspiration."

Daniel Son

Master Instructor, USA Karate

Your Child Can Earn a Black Belt!

Each child takes a martial arts class each day that promotes fitness and self-defense as well as respect and discipline. Because they train five days a week, they can move up the ranks much faster than regular students.


How do I join?

It's easy. First, drop us an email right away to get your 10% discount. Use the email form on the top right side of this page and we will contact you asap.

My child has never done martial arts before. Can he/she still come?

Absolutely! Every child can get started right away. There are no pre-requisites to doing Summer Camps except for wanting to have some fun! In fact, many students actually got their start because they came to one of our camps and had a blast! Summer Camps are a perfect way to introduce kids to the martial arts. Also, there is even a “Belt Camp” week where the theme is strictly martial arts and the goal is for a new or advanced student to earn their next rank. We call it a boot camp of sorts, but all the kids remember is how much fun they had!

What about school holidays and in-service days?

On days that school is out we go the extra mile for our families by taking the kids all day from 7am to 6pm at no additional fee. 

What does my child need each day?
  1. We have snacks for sale, or your child can bring some.
  2. A clean martial arts uniform.
  3. Sparring equipment.
What is the cost?
  1. Tuition is $99 per week and is due on the previous Thursday.
  2. Sparring equipment and a uniform are also required and can be purchased in our school.
  3. Belt exams are quarterly and the exam fee is $45.

Orlando's Best After-School Program!

Free School Pick Up!

Our After-School program includes FREE transporttion from school.

What We Do

We are not a daycare or a babysitter. We are much better! Once you join our after-school program, you and your child will feel welcome because our school principles are based on respect and courtesy!

We focus on your child’s success in school, sports, and life!

Important Notice!

Because our after-school students advance in martial arts belt rank, we have a high retention rate. That means that there is less room for new students, so we have to go on a first come, first served basis.

Interested? Here is what to do.

Simply fill out the form on the top right side of this page and we will contact you asap! Your child can start immediately! Don’t wait, join today! We have a limited amount of after-school spaces available for new students.

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Quick Info


Because our program is so effective in building confidence and teaching children a healthy lifestyle, our space is limited. Reserve a spot for your child ASAP.

Testing and Standards

Our program is unique because it teaches children ​martial arts. Students advance through belt ranks all the way to black belt. Children test for their next belt approximately​ every three months.

Required Equipment

Children learn to spar in class, so safety gear is required.

Required Equipment

  • Headgear​
  • Mouthpiece
  • Sparring Gloves
  • Sparring Kicks (Gloves for feet)
  • Shin Guards
  • Rib Protector
  • Cup (for boys. Optional for girls.)
Our Facility

There is no expectation of child care at our school, we are an open access, free to come and go facility and children stay here at the direction of their parents and because they want to learn the martial arts that are taught here.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp operates from 7:30am - 6:15pm Monday - Friday all summer long!

Schools We Serve

We pick up at:

School 1 – City or Neighborhood

School 2 – City or Neighborhood

School 3 – City or Neighborhood

School 4 – City or Neighborhood

School 5 – City or Neighborhood

School 6 – City or Neighborhood

School 7 – City or Neighborhood

School 8 – City or Neighborhood


Monday, June 2

Summer Camp Starts

Friday, August 25

Summer Camp Ends

Friday, August 25

After-School Program Starts

Friday, May 21

After-School Program Ends

After-School Hours

M-F: 2pm - 6pm
Weekends: Closed

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What Parents are Saying

"My sons attitude and behavior has done a complete 180 from Tim McCahan. The entire McCahan family is awesome and have taught my son great values, morals, and some great martial arts! Thank you guys!"

"Awesome after-school programs and summer camps, too. My son learns a lot, and not just about karate but about life as well. He really enjoys his time here and they have a great atmosphere."

"Our son has been in the program for 6 years. The instructors work with the kids on changing manners and respect. We've noticed a big difference in hi self-confidence and self-control since joining the program.

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Location: 1243 Divi St., Orlando, FL 92421

Telephone: (407) 123-3566


School Hours: M-F: 8am - 3pm