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How much can you pay to enroll one student?

To make a smart marketing decision, you MUST know is how much is a new student worth to your school.

1. Annual Student Value Calculation

With tuition averaging $149 a month, a student who stays for 12 months generates about $166 a month including special events, equipment, exams, etc.

That’s an annual student value of about $2,000.

2. Marketing Budget Calculation

Schools should allocate 7-10% of their gross to marketing. If your school is grossing $15,000 per month, you would look at investing $1,000-$1,500 a month in marketing. 

3. Student Acquisition Cost Calculation

Do you know what it cost to get a new student?

  1. $1,500 Monthly Marketing Spend
  2. 15 Leads (cost: $100 per lead)
  3. 10 Join (cost: $150 per new student)
  4. 10 Students x $2,000 annual student value = $20,000

One key investment for every school is in a good website that is branded to their school with images of their students and facility. If you’d like to start the New Year with a new website visit or call 727-279-0505 to review your needs.

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