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Interview with Tony Robbins 1

Interview with Tony Robbins teaches you how to use martial arts to awaken the giant within.

 Show One–Tony Robbins Interview 1

This first interview with Tony Robbins shares insights he gained from his martial arts experience.

A black belt under the late Jhoon Rhee, Tony talks about raising your standards and your beliefs to create a new focus on success.

All human emotion is controlled by emotions and martial arts is all about emotion, so it can be a strong vehicle for success or a poor excuse for failure.

He also describes the mindset and belief system of Stu Middleman who was running 75 miles a day for fun.

Teach Like a Pro Tip from John Graden

The Principles of an Authoritative Instructor:
How to Give Clear Directions

These lessons are straight from the MATA Certification Course at

This lesson helps instructors to gain control of their classroom by avoiding vague language and unclear directions.

Tony Robbins Interview 

3:11 How Tony hit rock bottom

3:28 Raise your standards

3:50 Raising your beliefs

4:00 Creating a new focus

5:15 Black Belt Excellence

5:50 Jhoon Rhee

6:00 What are Martial Arts?

6:50 Getting off balance as a martial artist

7:00 Good judgement comes from….

7:30 What Tony Teaches Is…

7:45 Martial arts is all emotion

8:15 All human emotion is controlled by focus

8:30 Focus is controlled by emotions

9:40 The importance or asking the right questions

9:30 He’s feeding his opponents

9:55 Stu Middleman

10:30 Running 75 Miles a day for fun


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Tony Robbins

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  1. karan singh

    I am really big fan of tony robbins he is a american author, public speaker, life coach. I have Learned so much from him and now from this podcast also i have learned so much about martial art, self defense and thank you for sharing this popcast.


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