Tony Robbins Earns Black Belt

Jhoon Rhee, Tony Robbins, Ernie Reyes, Sr.

From about 1984 – to 1993, I had a cable TV show, USA Karate. In 1992, I drove over to Orlando to interview Tony Robbins, who had recently earned his black belt from Jhoon Rhee.

Tony was conducting his Fear Into Power weekend seminar that concluded with everyone, including me, firewalking on hot coals.

I did the math, and he grossed well over $1-million that weekend. He was gracious and fun as I spoke with him about his martial arts experience on the Monday following the seminar.

He shares some powerful insights as to what he observed while training to make black belt in nine months.

He also sparked an interest in hypnosis and Neuro Lingustic Programming. About a decade later a good friend of mine who trained with Richard Kim told me that Kim had studied hypnosis as well.

I started to research both and have over 100 hours of professional hypnosis and NLP training that has helped to open my eyes to the power of trance and influence.