In today’s texting and e-mail world, the mostly forgotten, good old-fashioned physical “thank you” card has more impact than ever.

Sending a card with a little gift is even more powerful. I do this with every new client as well as with people who give me their cards at trade shows.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have the time to shop for a card, find a gift, write the card, and mail it. Neither do I. That’s why I automate the process. I use a company called (SOC).

All I do is enter the person’s contact information and set what card to send and when to send it.

For instance, I meet someone who gives me his card. I ask when his birthday is, and write it on the back. I’ll send him a “Nice to Meet You” card with the push of a button and then automatically send him cards on major holidays and on his birthday.

In some cases, I’ll include a small gift that I order and pay for right in my SOC dashboard. The gifts are FAR less expensive than they cost in a store, plus everything is just a click away. It’s a great time saver.

I search the media and use SOC to send notes of congratulations to people in my ideal client demographic for getting media cover- age or relate my note to their story.

A personalized card with a reference to the article is a great first impression.

Sending a thank-you note with a gift to the media outlet that covered you is an excellent way to stay on their radar.

SOC is inexpensive and super convenient. You can upload your own images or choose from their huge library of cards for all occa- sions. You can even upload your own handwriting so it looks like you wrote the message by hand along with your signature.

SOC is a multi-level-marketing company; you have to be referred to use the service (my user id is 151106). Unlike most MLM compa- nies, the cards you buy from SOC are actually WAY less expensive than the cards you would buy in a regular store.

SOC is a great service that every small business owner could benefit from.

Send cards to everyone you meet and keep the list growing. Also, send them early during holidays. If your clients get cards on Dec. 23, they may throw them away Dec. 26. If they get them early, the cards may sit out on the mantel for weeks. Which keeps you on the radar all the longer.