If you were to produce a 30-second video promoting your school to your target market, what voice-over script would you write to create interest and help the viewer understand your school’s unique benefits?

This is your school’s 30-second “elevator pitch” and every school needs one.

Every staff member of your school should have your benefit pitch memorized cold.

If you crawled into their bedroom at 3 am, shook them awake and asked them to recite your pitch, there should be no hesitation.

Most people speak at about 150 words per minute, so your pitch needs to be around 75 words.

Once a person hears or reads your pitch, they should have a clear idea of what you offer and how it can help them.

Here’s the danger. If you have a pitch, odds are it will be the same as the school down the street.

What is different about your school vs your competitors?

  • Are you a Black Belt School? Who isn’t? 
  • Do you teach confidence? Who doesn’t? 
  • Do you teach self-defense? What is it based upon? Karate?
  • Our style is the best. Who’s isn’t?
  • It takes 3 – 5 years to earn a black belt. Why would I want longer vs shorter?
  • Our master is a world champion! So is Connor McGregor, but I don’t want him teaching my kids!
  • Our master is a great grandmaster! Isn’t that special?

Once you’ve written your pitch, what visuals would be able to show to support the benefits?

Sample 30-second Pitch

“Ya know how most martial arts schools teach super-complicated, impractical theory-based skills and out-dated self-defense from the 1920s? 

Empower Kickboxing is the opposite. We ONLY teach what has been proven to be practical, easy to learn, and highly effective. 

We combine the best techniques of martial arts, kickboxing, self-defense, and weapons in a cutting-edge curriculum. Empower kickboxing is The MARTIAL ART YOU CAN MASTER FASTER!”