martial arts curriculum

Term One

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Class Structure

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Minutes 1-10: Open / Self Defense

(Short tips and quick escapes for modules 1-3.

This segment may be different for kids than adults.

11 – 21 Warm-Up

12 minutes

30-seconds each exercise

21 – 31 Teach / Review (Yak)

10 minutes

31 – 45 Drills (Smack)

45-50 Cool Down


Cool down / Life skill

1 Year = 3 Terms

1 Term = 4 Modules

Each Module = 8 Classes

1. Martial Arts

3. Weapons

2. Kickboxing

4. Self-Defense

Empower Kickboxing Promo Videos

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Marketing Video 1

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Marketing Video 3

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Marketing Video 2

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Marketing Video 4

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Empower Kickboxing Curriculum

Curriculum Delivery

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First Lesson

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In Action

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Preview: Member Zone

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Curriculum Structure

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Class Structure

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Empower Kickboxing vs Traditional 

Blocks vs Traditional Blocks

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The Foundation Skills

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Warm-Ups Overview

[video_popup url=”” text=”Warm-Ups Overview”]

Warm Up Structure

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